Pullstring's New Single "Pull It!"

Pullstring's latest single "Pull It!" is their most explosive song yet!


2/29/20241 min read

Pullstring drops newest single "Pull It!

On Leap Day 2024, Pullstring is releasing their most explosive music yet in the form of single "Pull It!" alongside b-side "Spring Is Here." This is their first released original music since late 2022.

Josh Toke had the following to say about the latest single:

"'Pull It!' is our fastest song yet! It's also my "guitar hero" moment as it draws influences from some of my favorite guitarists from Jack White to Bob Stinson to Billie Jo Armstrong - even a couple bars inspired by Van Halen!"

Catch Pullstring live as they also hit the road today for their Spring Fever '24 tour!

Stream "Pull It!" across all streaming platforms today!

Pull It! ArtworkPull It! Artwork